The high era of tweets: Podcast takes a toke of Twitter's new ads policy

Here Weed Go! welcomes listeners as host Eddie Celaya delves into the latest advertising developments for cannabis in the digital world. Specifically, he focuses on Twitter's new policy of allowing some marijuana and hemp products to be advertised on its platform. This marks a significant change for Twitter, which has been losing advertisers since Elon Musk's takeover in 2021. It is also a major development for social media as a whole, with other major tech companies like Meta and Google likely to follow suit.

To shed light on the reasoning behind the policy change, the slow progress in allowing cannabis advertising online, and the issue of shadow banning on certain platforms, Eddie brings in attorney Clark Wu. Wu is a senior attorney at Bianchi & Brandt, a Phoenix-based law firm. His insights are crucial in understanding the implications of this shift in the digital advertising landscape.

Overall, this episode of Here Weed Go! is essential listening for anyone interested in the intersection of cannabis and technology, and the changing attitudes towards marijuana and hemp products in the digital space.

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