About Us


We are specialists who excel at mitigating risk and finding innovative solutions to a wide range of business and legal challenges. With decades of experience representing a variety of businesses—including those in the cannabis and hemp industries—we know how fast changes can come up and how best to respond. We understand the unique hurdles business leaders and investors face in navigating business licensing, regulatory compliance, mergers & acquisitions, leases, contract negotiations and more. 

Together, we formulate and execute strategic plans to get clients where they need to go, and provide trusted guidance every step of the way.

Charting a New Future

Community is the foundation of Bianchi & Brandt—it’s why we put such an emphasis on both service and relationships. Our team believes in the power of collaboration, and working with local organizations is deeply meaningful to us on both a professional and personal level.

Whether spearheading diversity and inclusion initiatives with the International Cannabis Bar Association, supporting small businesses through the Arizona Dispensaries Association or pursuing personal passions with the ASPCA and other service organizations, giving back is who we are. Here are just a few of our affiliations and community groups that we support.

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